NYC Hypnosis for Transformation

What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is simply bypassing the critical factor of the conscious mind in order to access the “unconscious mind”. And people have been hypnotized since they were old enough to walk and talk. Have you ever felt “hypnotized” when you are driving on a long road in a car? Most people think and interact on a daily basis with their conscious (or analytical) mind but the whole time is the unconscious mind is still processing and storing information. We explore through hypnosis your unconscious beliefs and limitations about weight loss, dieting, body image and self confidence and set them free to be transformed by you in the breakthrough session.

Hypnosis is used in many fields to alleviate or eliminate stress. There is documentation in the medical field that shows how hypnosis has been used as an anesthesia  to alleviate pain. The applications are wide reaching but one thing is for certain. Incredible results have been achieved in weight loss, health and longevity and performance. Call for your breakthrough session!